Official Rejects Sand-mining Resumption Proposal

“The Development Control Authority (DCA) fully recognizes the right of unfettered access to all beaches in Antigua and Barbuda by members of the general public. The DCA equally recognizes the disturbing problem of illegal sand mining at beaches across the state that is contributing to the erosion and destruction of several beaches. The DCA views the problem of sand mining as a national one that needs to be addressed with the greatest of urgency…” Captions source: Official Website for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.
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Barbuda Council Member Senator Arthur Nibbs says the indicated position of the Barbuda Council Chairman Calvin Punter that the sister-isle could soon be returning to sand mining in order to cushion heavy-hitting financial challenges, is as unsurprising as it going to be damaging…

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Barbuda’s Counsil Votes On Ending Sand Mining, April 3rd 2012
The Barbuda Council has voted to end sand mining on the sister island, bowing to pressure from within its ranks and environmentalists, after several reports indicated that the operation posed serious health and safety risks…

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