Sculptures of Ocean Plastic Raise Awareness for the Sea

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Photo courtesy of: © Mary Flynn


Washed up plastics and marine garbage pose a threat to the ecosystems and animal lives they invade, a problem which activists have worked to bring light to in recent years.

While news and science are powerful mediums for conveying these messages, the work of artists has also played an important role in the sharing of concern for the state of the seas…

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Me and you three; 2 years, 4 artists, 8 beaches, by artists: Judes Crow, Annik Cullinane, Mary Flynn & Gerry Price
For two years, four artists have been making site visits together to coastal locations and visits to eight island beaches, around the Isle of Wight, UK. The result is an eclectic exhibition made cohesive by linking the marine environment to humanity…

Me and you three; 2 years, 4 artists, 8 beaches; PART II, The Students Response…

Coastal Care Photo Of The Month: “Action Climate,” A Work Of Art, by HA Schult
HA Schult was one of the first artists to deal with the ecological imbalances in his work.He is a major contributor to today`s new ecological awareness…

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