Irma’s final phase: Flooding in the Southeast is biggest concern

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Hurricane Irma, September 10th, 2017. Heavy rain and hurricane-force winds battered both the east and west coasts of southern Florida, even though the eye of the monstrous storm made landfall in the southwestern part of the state. Seas were rising with storm surges as far north as Charleston, South Carolina. Captions and Image source: NASA


Both storm surge and inland flooding, which cause the majority of deaths in tropical cyclones, remain a risk over the Southeast states…

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What is storm surge and why is it so dangerous? Phys.Org (09-09-2017)
Forecasters warn that the storm surge from Hurricane Irma could reach 15 feet (4.5 meters) along parts of the Florida coast in the coming hours.Here are some facts about storm surge and what makes it so dangerous…


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