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Twin bomb cyclones to merge into one of strongest-ever storms in North Atlantic

Atlantic storm battering Brittany’s coast, France. Photo source: ©© Cecile Nouail


A potentially unprecedented scenario is unfolding in the North Atlantic on Friday, as a bomb cyclone batters Iceland with hurricane-force winds and blizzard conditions, just as another bomb cyclone, known as Storm Dennis, rapidly intensifies behind it…

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Bomb Cyclone Storm Dennis Could Rival Some of the Most Intense North Atlantic Storms on Record; Weather Channel (02-14-2020)
A powerful cyclone is combining forces with another intense storm currently pounding Iceland and Greenland, bringing extreme waves and hurricane force winds. This storm will take aim at northwestern Europe this weekend, just days after Storm Ciara pounded several countries…

What is a bomb cyclone? AcuWeather (10-16-2019)

A storm brought some of the largest waves ever recorded off the California coast last week. One was 75-feet tall

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


The bomb cyclone that pounded the West Coast last week brought with it some of the tallest waves ever recorded off the California coast.

A monstrous 75-foot wave was recorded about 20 miles off the coast of Cape Mendocino in northern California, according to the University of California, San Diego’s Coastal Data Information Program…

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Freak storms of 2019 Atlantic hurricane season left trail of destruction and revealed climate change fingerprints

Dorian hurricane. Search and rescue efforts in the Bahamas (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Seaman Erik Villa Rodriguez). Captions and image source: ©© Coast Guard


Both Dorian and Lorenzo, which became the strongest hurricane to develop so far northeast in the Atlantic, attained Category 5 strength. The storms brought the count of Category 5s in the Atlantic since 2016 up to six, and marked the fourth year in a row with at least one Category 5, the longest stretch on record.

The historic intensity of both Dorian and Lorenzo, exhibited influences consistent with warming ocean waters and climate change…

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Ferocious typhoon leaves as many as 33 dead, floods over 1,000 homes in Japan

“The most unique thing about this typhoon is how rapidly it intensified to super typhoon strength early in its life,” Duran said. “We don’t have enough observations of typhoons to know how common such a rapid intensification event actually is, but we do know that this is one of the most rapid intensifications we have observed.” Image and Captions source: NASA


Typhoon Hagibis made landfall south of Tokyo on Saturday evening and battered central and northern Japan…

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Hurricane Nicole sheds light on how storms impact deep ocean

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Hurricanes can cause significant damage to human structures on land, and often permanently alter terrestrial landscapes. But these powerful storms also affect the ocean.

Scientists have a good understanding of how hurricanes impact the surface layer of the ocean, the sunlit zone, where photosynthesis can occur…

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Coastal birds can weather the storm, but not the sea

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care.


How can birds that weigh less than a AA battery survive the immense power of Atlantic hurricanes? A new study in Ecology Letters finds that these coastal birds survive because their populations can absorb impacts and recover quickly from hurricanes — even storms many times larger than anything previously observed…

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Major Oil Spill on Grand Bahama Reaches the Ocean, Damages Coastline

Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian. Photo source: Coast Guards


An oil spill caused by Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian has been spotted in the ocean and has damaged the Bahamas coastline, the Norwegian energy company that owns the oil storage facility, Equinor, confirmed on Wednesday, a week and a half after the hurricane blew the lids off of six massive crude oil tanks…

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Thousands of Dorian survivors desperate to evacuate wrecked Bahamas as death toll climbs to 44

The Coast Guard is supporting the Bahamian National Emergency Management Agency and the Royal Bahamian Defense Force, who are leading search and rescue efforts in the Bahamas (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Seaman Erik Villa Rodriguez). Captions and image source: ©© Coast Guard


There are about 76,000 people left homeless and in need of assistance in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama Island, the U.N. said…

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Piles of rubble and splintered homes are slowing down search efforts in the Bahamas; CNN (09-08-2019)
“It was like an atomic bomb went off,” said Sherrie Roberts, who was on the Abaco Islands when Dorian struck a week ago as a Category 5 monster, then lingered for days over the same wrecked places…