Zeta leaves at least 6 dead and nearly 2 million without power

Zeta has killed at least six people after bringing high winds, heavy rain and up to 10 feet of storm surge in some areas. The storm struck southeastern Louisiana as a powerful Category 2 hurricane on Wednesday, leaving millions without power along the Gulf Coast.

Why Hurricane Laura’s Storm Surge Could Be Unsurvivable

Having strengthened with astonishing speed into a Category 4 storm, Hurricane Laura will make landfall in Texas and Louisiana sometime early Thursday morning. With the landfall comes a dreaded storm surge—a rise in water level generated by a storm—that scientists say could spread seawater up to 30 miles inland, an inundation the National Hurricane Center just called “unsurvivable…”

Mumbai bracing for the ‘first cyclone in years’

The heaving city of 20 million people, which is India’s financial and entertainment capital, has been spared of cyclones in modern history. Mumbai hasn’t “experienced a serious cyclone landfall since 1891”. All that could change on Wednesday when a severe cyclonic storm with wind speeds from 100 to 120 kmph (60 to 75 mph) could hit the city and India’s western coast.