“100 percent trash boat” sets sail in Taiwan

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


A boat built completely from plastic bottles and other recycled materials, including old advertising banners, set sail in Taiwan to raise awareness about the marine environment. It will tour around Taiwan for educational purposes…

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Canadian province bans single-use plastic bottled water
The Canadian province of Manitoba on Wednesday banned water bottles from all of its offices to encourage drinking of tap water. Manitoba is the second Canadian province to enact a water bottle ban, after Nova Scotia.

Plastiki: A Journey From Trash To Triumph

Shipwrecks No More: Recycling Old Boats, in ScienceDaily
Nearly 5,000 recreational boats are retired and disposed of every year in Norway- either sunk to the bottom of the sea or burned in a bonfire, as there is no way to dispose of them properly, no place to take them, and no way to recycle the materials they contains. Now, researchers have developed a new method for recycling these vessels.

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