Forests soak up third of fossil fuel emissions: study

mangrove trees
Clouds’ reflection in the mangroves. Photo source: ©©AussieGall

Excerpts; AFP

Forests play a larger role in Earth’s climate system than previously suspected for both the risks from deforestation and the potential gains from regrowth, a benchmark study released Thursday has shown.

The international team of climate scientists combined data, covering the period 1990 through 2007, showed that the world’s forests combined are a net “sink”, or sponge, for 1.1 billion tonnes of carbon, the equivalent of 13 percent of all the coal, oil land gas burned across the planet annually.

“…forests are even more at the forefront as a strategy to protect our climate.”

This is the first complete and global evidence of the overwhelming role of forests in removing anthropogenic carbon dioxide…

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