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A Book by Donovan Hohn. Viking, 2011.


On Jan. 10, 1992, a container ship traveling south of the Aleutians, in the region once quaintly known as the Graveyard of the Pacific, en route from Hong Kong to Tacoma, Wash., took a steep roll and lost part of its cargo.

The incident had near-mythical repercussions. Among the lost merchandise were 7,200 packs of bathtub toys. Each four-piece set included a blue turtle, a green frog, a red beaver and a yellow duck.

This came to be erroneously understood as the story of 29,000 rubber duckies set adrift and washing up all over the globe…

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Moby-Duck, is “The true story of 28,800 bath toys lost at sea and of the beachcombers, oceanographers, environmentalists, and fools, including the author, who went in search of them.”

A book “Entertaining as well as philosophic… A metaphysical quest, an encyclopedic rummage through the mysteries of the ocean and the history of plastics, and a close-up look at what we are doing to our planet…”

Moby-Duck: The Book

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The fate of a shipment of bath toys missing since 1992 has led to greater knowledge of the world’s oceans.

Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Friendly Flooties, Wikipedia