Smoke Engulfs Strait of Malacca and Singapore: Cause Becomes More Complex

Deforestation for oil palm plantation, Riau province, eastern coast of Sumatra along the Strait of Malacca.Photo source: ©© Aidenvironment


Small and large-scale farmers in Riau province, Sumatra, have been blamed for the recent choking smoke smothering Singapore and parts of Malaysia. But scientists in Indonesia have added a third category of ‘mid-level entrepreneurs.

The fire-haze episode straddling the Strait of Malacca in June 2013 has reignited a decades-long debate about responsibility…

Strait of Malacca. The Strait of Malacca is a narrow, 805 km (500 mi) stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula (Peninsular Malaysia) and the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is named after the Malacca Sultanate that ruled over the archipelago between 1400 and 1511.Photo source: Captions: Wikipedia. Photo source: ©© Leo Gaggl

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Smoke Engulfs Singapore, NASA

The Sumatran rainforest will mostly disappear within 20 years, Guardian UK
In only a few years, logging and agribusiness have cut Indonesia’s vast rainforest by half. The government has renewed a moratorium on deforestation but it may already be too late for the endangered animals and for the people whose lives lie in ruin…

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