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Mining For Smartphones – “Coast, Coral and Community,” A Documentary Series


Film 2: Mining For Smartphones – “Coast, Coral and Community”

A © Friends Of The Earth Video (4.09mn); Published on Vimeo, 2012.

Mining For Smartphones: “The Tin Mines of Bangka Island”, Indonesia is a three-part documentary series produced by © Friends of the Earth.

The Film 2: Mining For Smartphones – “Coast, Coral and Community” highlights the social and environmental effects of sea bed tin mining on the coasts and Island of Bangka, Indonesia…

“Tin mining is taking its toll on the island’s coastline, damaging mangrove forests that help protect it from tropical storms and big waves.”

“The films highlight the devastating impact of tin mining on the paradise islands of Bangka in Indonesia. Friends of the Earth is calling on major international mobile phone manufacturers to take responsibility for the local and wider environmental and social impacts of the materials used in their products. We want them to make their products better. And we need your help to make it happen.”—© Friends Of The Earth.

WATCH: Film 1: “The Tin Mines of Bangka Island,”; by ©Friends Of The Earth

WATCH: Film 3: “Mining For Smartphones – “The True Cost of Tin” “; by ©Friends Of The Earth

VIEW: “Mining for mobiles, Devastation in Indonesia,” A Photo Gallery by © Friends Of The Earth.

“Tin Mining On Bangka Island Of Indonesia “, View Images And Read Full Article, Guardian UK
A remote island of the Indonesian archipelago is being stripped off its forests and dug up for tin used in millions of mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The mining is often illegal and hazardous and yet few of the leading brands have control over where the tin is sourced from and how it is affecting nature and people who mine it…

Mining For Smartphones: Devastation In Indonesia, Bangka Islands; by Friends Of The Earth (11-24-2012)

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