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California Impressions; By Noah Gorelick



By young artist Noah Gorelick

“Today’s world has become increasingly disconnected from the beauty and importance of nature. Climate change is here in full force, people know what they need to do to save the planet from destruction and pollution, and yet, only a disappointing minority of individuals appears to actually take the necessary steps to ensure that future generations do not look back on us all with sadness, as the people that destroyed the natural world that once existed in harmony with human beings.

On Point Dume in Malibu, California, where I have grown up, the beach is a part of my everyday life. My friends and family use the beach to reconnect with nature and to have fun, while the unobserved lives of the true locals, the animals, go on in peace. The beach is a place where we surf, relax and enrich our lives. To see this natural beauty tainted by degradations of all sort, not just on my beach, but on the beaches around the world, is saddening.

Throughout my life, I have seen that the beach and the ocean have not only been places of recreation, but have made me into a different and better person. There are future generations that may not be able to know the joy that the natural beaches and healthy oceans can bring.

We want to be remembered as the generation that did the right thing, not the unsustainable and careless thing…”

Noah is an 11th grade artist, from California.

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