From Ocean to Beach, Tons of Plastic Pollution

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


The Hawaii Wildlife Fund, which organizes beaches cleanups, estimates that they have removed about 169 tons of garbage in the last 11 years from a 10-mile stretch of Hawaii Island alone, and that about 15 tons to 20 tons of new trash comes ashore each year. On May 24, two dozen people went out again.

The next cleanup is July 13 at Kamilo Point…

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Plastic Legacy: Humankind’s Trash Is Now a New Rock, LiveScience (06-08-2014)
Melted plastic trash on beaches can sometimes mix with sediment, basaltic lava fragments and organic debris (such as shells) to produce a new type of rock material, new research shows…

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Five media artists, led by photographer Chris Jordan, traveled to Midway Atoll to witness the catastrophic effect of our disposable culture on some of the world’s most beautiful and symbolic creatures. But even more, they embarked on an introspective journey to confront a vitally relevant question: In this time of unprecedented global crisis, how can we move through grief, denial, despair and immobility into new territories of acceptance, possibility, and wise action?

Plastic Pollution, Coastal Care

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