Hurricane Dorian: ‘We’re at the frontline of climate change but we don’t cause it’, says Barbados PM – as it happened

Hurricane Dorian damages a row of structures in the Bahamas. An aerial view of houses in the Bahamas from a Coast Guard Elizabeth City C-130 aircraft after Hurricane Dorian shifts north Sept. 3, 2019. Hurricane Dorian made landfall Saturday and intensified into Sunday. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam Stanton. Captions and Photo source: ©© Coast Guards


Sarah St George, chairman of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, told the Guardian that the “force and size” of Dorian took everyone by surprise, a situation made worse by the hurricane stalling over the archipelago.

“Grand Bahama is not in good shape at all because 70% of it was under water,” St George said…

Read Full Article; Guardian UK (09-06-2019)

We are going to die together here’; BBC News (09-06-2019)

Hundreds of Bahamians stranded on hurricane-ravaged islands look for a way out; CNN (09-06-2019)
Hundreds of people stranded on hurricane-ravaged Abaco in the Bahamas waited Friday for a way off the islands as officials said hundreds, possibly thousands, were still missing and the death toll from Hurricane Dorian rose to 30…

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