Thousands of Dorian survivors desperate to evacuate wrecked Bahamas as death toll climbs to 44

The Coast Guard is supporting the Bahamian National Emergency Management Agency and the Royal Bahamian Defense Force, who are leading search and rescue efforts in the Bahamas (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Seaman Erik Villa Rodriguez). Captions and image source: ©© Coast Guard


There are about 76,000 people left homeless and in need of assistance in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama Island, the U.N. said…

Read Full Article; ABC News (09-08-2019)

Piles of rubble and splintered homes are slowing down search efforts in the Bahamas; CNN (09-08-2019)
“It was like an atomic bomb went off,” said Sherrie Roberts, who was on the Abaco Islands when Dorian struck a week ago as a Category 5 monster, then lingered for days over the same wrecked places…

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