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Tel Aviv’s cool new lifeguard stand ‘hotel’

Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo source: ©© Moritz Schott


Tel Aviv is practically synonymous with the beach. But a new hotel is giving tourists an opportunity to experience that famous beach in a whole new way.

One of the city’s famous lifeguard stands, normally a tan color that blends in with the sand, has been repainted with Israel-inspired graffiti from local street artist Edgar Rafael and converted into a pop-up three-room hotel…

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Lines in the Sand: When the Beach Becomes a Canvas, Video

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care


Anyone can write their name in the sand, but Jim Denevan uses the beach to create stunning large-scale art. What started as a hobby over 20 years ago has resulted in worldwide recognition…

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Youtube (03-23-2017)

“Jim’s Lines” Video, The Art of Jim Genevan, (05-02-2011)
Jim Denevan’s large-scale beach drawings emerge from a simple driftwood stick found on-site. Then, Denevan pushes outward from a central point on the beach, improvising with the stick and a selection of rakes, resulting in huge spirals, circles and geometric forms. His art is transient, ephemeral, meant to be trodden over and traced by the feet of passing admirers and surfers…

Underwater photographer of the year 2017 winners – in pictures

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


French photographer Gabriel Barathieu has been named this year’s winner for his ‘balletic, malevolent’ dancing octopus, in the lagoon of the island of Mayotte, while British winner Nick Blake captured a lone diver among the otherworldly sunbeams of a Mexican cave…

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More Pictures: The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest; The Atlantic (02-14-2017)
The winner Gabriel Barathieu beat entrants from 67 different countries with his portrait of an octopus in the lagoon of the island of Mayotte. Prizes and commendations were also handed out in a number of categories, including Wide Angle, Macro, Wrecks, Behavior, Up & Coming, and, in British waters, Wide Angle, Compact, and Macro shots…

“Flow II,” Stinson Beach; By Andres Amador

“Flow II,” Stinson Beach.
All rights remain the property of ©Andres Amador.

By © Andres Amador

Andres Amador is an Earthscape Artist, specializing in enormous artworks most often done on the beach. His passion is connecting people to the natural world via his ephmeral creations.

Andres has created installations around the world, with the northern California coastline being his main canvas.

Facebook and Instagram: AndresAmadorArts

Europe’s first underwater museum opens off Spain’s Lanzarote island

Grenada, Museo Subacuatico Del Arte, off the coast of Cancún; Photo courtesy of © Jason deCaires Taylor©Jason deCaires Taylor


Deep in waters off the Spanish island of Lanzarote, accessible only to snorkelers, divers and sea life, the Museo Atlantico (Atlantic Museum), features more than 300 sculptures by international artist Jason deCaires Taylor…

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Mangroves: The Forests of the Tide

Mangrove. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


A new art exhibition in Yangon, Myanmar, shows the strange beauty of mangrove forests and the important role they play in the wider ecosystem…

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Let mangroves recover to protect coasts; BBC News (09-17-2016)
Allowing mangrove forests to recover naturally result in more resilient habitats that benefit both wildlife and people, say conservationists…

Mangroves Help Protect Against Sea Level Rise, Science Daily (07-27-2015)
Mangrove forests could play a crucial role in protecting coastal areas from sea level rise caused by climate change, according to new research involving the University of Southampton…

The World Must Invest In Mangroves, The Ecologist (04-11-2014)

Sri Lanka to become the first nation in the world to protect all its mangroves; Guardian UK (05-12-2015)
More than half the world’s mangroves have been lost over the last century but all of those surviving in Sri Lanka, one of their most important havens, are now to be protected in an unprecedented operation…

Destruction of Mangroves Costs up to US$42 billion in Economic Damages Annually – UNEP Report (10-14-2014)
The world is losing its mangroves at a faster rate than global deforestation, the United Nations revealed, in a new report “Importance of Mangroves: A Call to Action,” adding that the destruction of the coastal habitats was costing billions in economic damages and impacting millions of lives…

100 years ago: Gorgeous colours on the pebble beach

Pebble beach, Etretat, Normandy coast, France. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


“A child is the pure artist in collection. He needs no apology. The mere contemplating of his hoards, laying them out in array, counting and sorting, is amply enough joy for him. But we grown-ups are compelled to seek a plea of use, and, having found it, we may indulge our childishness…”

Read Full Article; Guardian UK (09-18-2016)

Sand Color Palette
Most beach sand color ranges from pale cream to golden to caramel, but in select places around the world, sand can be red, pink, orange, chocolate, gold, purple, green, or black…

A Grain of Sand – Nature’s Secret Wonder, A Book By Dr. Gary Greenberg
Every grain of sand is a jewel waiting to be discovered. That’s what Dr. Gary Greenberg found when he first turned his microscope on beach sand. Author and photographer Dr. Gary Greenberg is a visual artist who creatively combines art with science. Since 2001, Dr. Greenberg focuses his microscopes on common objects, such as grains of sand, flowers, and food. These everyday objects take on a new reality when magnified hundreds of times, revealing hidden and unexpected aspects of nature. Dr. Greenberg’s images of sand make us realize that as we walk along a beach we are strolling upon thousands of years of biological and geological history…

The Colors Of Beach Sand; By Gary Griggs