Mangroves: The Forests of the Tide

A new art exhibition in Yangon, Myanmar, shows the strange beauty of mangrove forests and the important role they play in the wider ecosystem.

100 years ago: Gorgeous colours on the pebble beach

A child is the pure artist in collection. He needs no apology. The mere contemplating of his hoards, laying them out in array, counting and sorting, is amply enough joy for him. But we grown-ups are compelled to seek a plea of use, and, having found it, we may indulge our childishness.

In honor of Earth Day: National Geographic photos sharing on Instagram

After 46 years, people around the world are still honoring Earth Day with a different theme every year. This year’s theme is Trees for the Earth. Earth Day Network is calling people to action by encouraging them to plant trees through organized events around the world. Celebrate Earth Day with National Geographic by sharing your best pictures that illustrate the mysteries and magic of our planet.