Waste Land, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Deservedly nominated at this year’s Oscars as Best Documentary Feature, Lucy Walker’s life-affirming film Waste Land, travels to the squalor of Rio de Janeiro, which boasts the largest landfill site in the world.

50 Houses on Kiawah Sand

A documentary about proposed development at south end of Kiawah Island, produced by Mary Edna Fraser and Celie Dailey. Includes interviews with Dr. Orrin Pilkey, Professor of Earth Scieces at Duke University, and Nancy Vinson, Coastal Conservation League’s Program Director for Air and Water Quality.

The Wrecking Season

This film follows playwright, beachcomber and lobsterman Nick Darke, onto the beach during one stormy winter and records all his discoveries, tracing everything he finds along the coastline back to its source, via the telephone and the internet.

The First Animated Beach Drawing Film

“An idea is like a seed, if you feed it then it may grow. It took four hours to make and lived only for the time of the tides.” Jamie Wardley, Finn Varney and 15 Yorkshire artists have collaborated to make the first animated beach sand drawing at Filey, North Yorkshire.

The Last Horse Fishermen


Oostduinkerke on the West Flanders coast, Belgium, is the only place in the world where you will still see the 500-year-old tradition of fishermen trawling for shrimp on horseback.