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Sand-Mining Threatens Homes And Livelihoods In Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone. Sand mining and work in tourism are now more lucrative than fishing. Captions and Photo source: © Tommy Trenchard / IRIN


Round-the-clock sand-mining on beaches within a few kilometres of Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown is having a devastating effect on the coastline, destroying property, and damaging the area’s hopes of a tourism revival.

Kolleh Bangura, the director of Sierra Leone’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is concerned about the rate of sand-removal from the beaches. “It is getting worse,” he told IRIN, explaining that until sand-mining began the rate of coastal erosion was around one metre per year. “Now it is up to six metres [in certain places].”

“When they take sand from one part of the beach it upsets the balance, and triggers a direct hit on the coast,” he said.

In the village of Lakka whole stretches of coastline are littered with the remains of buildings whose foundations have been washed from underneath them as a result of sand-mining. Many coastal residents can only watch as the coastline draws ever-nearer to their homes…

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Sierra Leone. The coastline is drawing closer to homes along the beach. Captions and Photo source: © Tommy Trenchard / IRIN

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Destroying Paradise To Make Concrete Blocks: Sand Mining In Sierra Leone
A new threat has emerged that risks destroying Sierra Leone’s eco-tourism untapped opportunities for sustainable development: Sand Mining. The free-sand-for-all bonanza just exploded. Without permits, hundreds of trucks attack the beaches on a daily basis, hiring local boys as daily laborers to destroy their own communities…

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PETITION: Stop Sand Mining In Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, beach sand mining. “Unlawful and unsustainable sand mining is destroying one of Sierra Leone’s prize assets: her beaches.” Captions and Photo source: Change.Org

Liberia: Illegal Sand Mining Heightened

Monrovia, Liberia. Photo source: ©© TLupic


Despite efforts by the government to put a halt to illegal sand mining which is blamed on sea and other form of erosions across Liberia, others have refused to yield to the orders as sand mining is said to be at a renewed height and reinvigorated pace in Margibi County…

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En Bretagne, Le “Peuple des Dunes” Défend Son Sable

Célèbre corps de garde du Ménez Ham au milieu d’un chaos de granite; Menez Ham Kerlouan, Bretagne, France.
Le poste de guet fut construit fin 17e siècle lors de la mise en place du système de défense côtière de Vauban. L’édifice doit son toit en pierre aux vols répétés du bois de la charpente par les habitants à chaque relève de la garde. C’était là un précieux combustible. Le poste de guet est situé à un endroit un peu élevé : 20 mètres au dessus du niveau de la mer, d’où son rôle statégique dans le guet de la mer. L’authentique village de Ménez Ham, conservé en l’état depuis le 19e siècle, est installé sur une pointe rocheuse, au pied d’un énorme chaos granitique qui le protège de la mer et des vents d’Ouest. Captions: Patrimoine Région Bretagne. Photo source: ©© Larvor


A la belle saison, l’archipel des Sept-Iles est un lieu de villégiature très couru. Fous de Bassan, cormorans huppés, petits pingouins, guillemots de Troïl, fulmars boréaux, goélands ou encore puffins des Anglais se pressent sur ce littoral des Côtes-d’Armor. C’est pour eux et les stars locales, une colonie de phoques, des habitués, et les macareux moines, et pour tout le secteur de la pêche et du tourisme aussi, que le collectif le Peuple des dunes se bat…

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Le Peuple Des Dunes

Le Peuple des dunes sur la plage à Erdeven mise en place des lettres de la fresque humaine (en inclusion). Photo source: ©© Bruno Corpet

Beach Sand Mining Rampant, Malabar Coast, India

Kappad beach, state of Kerala, southern India, Malabar Coast. Kappad beach is famous as the beach near Kozhikode, where the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed on May 20, 1498. Photo source: ©© Dijaraj Nair


Banking in on the scarcity of sand for construction activities, illegal sand miners and smugglers are thriving in different parts of the district. Mining of beach sand is the new threat faced by the district as many illegal players in the filed find hotspots on the beach side of the district to evade the eyes of officials.

Kappad beach, one of the most historically significant tourism destinations in the state is under the attack of sand miners…

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Surfers Oppose Cornwall Mining Plans

Crashing waves at Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall. Gull Rock in the background. Photo source: ©© Heliosphere


Surfers are leading a campaign against plans to “dredge” millions of tonnes of sand from the seabed off Cornwall amid fears that it could wreck the shape and power of the coast’s waves.

A minerals company is planning a 10-year project to recover tin washed out of old mine workings and now settled in sediment some 20 metres below the sea surface…

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Photo source: ©© Aristocrat-hat

California Fracking Lawsuit Charges State Has Done Insufficient Job Of Regulating Practice

Schematic depiction of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas, showing main possible environmental effects. Hydraulic fracturing is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer by a pressurized fluid. Fracking, the latest craze in the quest to produce oil and gas, has been blamed for environmental problems ranging from flammable tap water to minor earthquakes. Now a new risk is emerging: sand mining. To squeeze hydrocarbons out of shale through hydraulic fracturing of the rock, the process known as fracking, producers need to pump an enormous amount of sand into the ground. Image source: ©© Mikenorton / Wikipedia


An environmental group has filed suit against the state of California for doing what it deemed an insufficient job of regulating the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”

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Tell the BLM: Don’t Frack California

Sand mining Is Booming Along With Fracking
Fracking, the latest craze in the quest to produce oil and gas, has been blamed for environmental problems ranging from flammable tap water to minor earthquakes. Now a new risk is emerging: sand mining. To squeeze hydrocarbons out of shale through hydraulic fracturing of the rock, the process known as fracking, producers need to pump an enormous amount of sand into the ground.

Medupi Sand Mining Put To An End

Sand road. Photo source: ©© Smath


Compliance notices have been issued against sand miners in Lephalale, South Africa. Their operations must now stop or they will face legal action…

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Medupi plant work may restart Thursday

Medupi power station
The Medupi Power Station is a new dry-cooled coal-fired power station being built by Eskom near Lephalale in Limpopo province, South Africa. When completed, the power station is to have six boilers each powering an 800 MW turbine, producing 4800 MW of power. It is expected to become the largest dry-cooled coal fired power station in the world.Contracts have been placed with Hitachi to supply the boilers and Alstom to provide the steam turbines for this plant.At R33.6 Billion, these are the biggest contracts ever placed by Eskom.

No Control On Illegal Sand Mining, Goa

With the insatiable demand of the growing cities for bricks, sand and gravel, the mining and brick-making activities are not going to diminish any time soon. Captions and Photo source: ©© Mckaysavage


The entire Goan coastline comes within the CRZ and there is a sand mining ban in the state with the state not issuing sand mining license in the past two years.

However, allegations and instances of blatant sand mining abound with authorities preferring to fine truckers transporting sand instead of closing sand extraction operations, confiscating equipment including boats and legalising this very important resource. Real estate is one of the mainstays of the state economy and sand is one of its major components…

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Goa’s Beaches Best Kept Secret: Illegal Sand Mining, India
Sand mining is banned in Goa, but even when a NDTV team filmed openly, nobody blinked an eye.The Goa state’s entire 63-mile coastline is eroded, and some beaches have lost as much as 65 feet of landmass in recent years.

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