The “Vanité” Series by 1011

"Vanité" Series by 1011 highlights the climate crisis and fragility of life as average global temperatures rise. Upper row: Hydrangea at +2.8º C, finished piece process images; Lower row: Buttercup at 1.5º C, finished piece and process images (colored pencils and pencil highlight) 2022, Adagp © 1011, used with permission.

“A humble flower is the labor of centuries.” – William Blake from the Artist’s Statement:“The title (of this collection): “Vanité” refers to the pride of Men who, like Icarus, think they can conquer nature through technological omnipotence industrialization, while in truth, only offer death…” Tulip at +2.1ºC in the “Vanité” series by 1011 (colored pencils and […]

The Panta Rhei Series: Coca-Cola – by ©1011

Panta Rhei Coca-Cola, 2020 ©1011Plastic fragments collected on the beach, Terrigal (New South Wales, Australia) By © 1011 In the spirit of Maria Sibylla Merian’s 18th century naturalistic plates, The New World Order Series is composed of drawings of fish stamped with the logos of the most polluting firms in terms of plastic waste: Coca Cola, […]