The Magic Dolphin; A Book By Charles O. Pilkey With Orrin H. Pilkey

A lighthearted, beautifully illustrated children’s book that tells the story of two kids who rescue a stranded dolphin, caught in a fish net. The grateful dolphin rewards the kids by taking them on an adventurous, world-encircling journey, teaching them along the way about global warming, sea level rise, beach erosion and other challenges facing the sea.

Tourists return sand and rock to Iceland with apology note

A mother and her 11-year-old daughter felt so bad after they took home some sand and a pebble from Reynisfjara beach on the South Coast of Iceland – which is said to be the most impressive black sand beach in Iceland – they sent them back to the country through the postal service.

What happens to marine wildlife during hurricanes?

Hurricanes are incredibly powerful storms that wreak havoc on marine and coastal ecosystems as they work their way from deeper water toward land. The force of the storm churns up water, mixing warmer water at the surface with cooler water from farther down the water column. In all this churning, what happens to the wildlife living in the storm-tossed waters?

Kerguelen Islands

The islands are so remote and the landscape so harsh that they have also been called the “Desolation Islands.”