Paradise Cove, California; By Dominick Guillemot

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Vague, Dominick Guillemot

16 X 20 Platinum print.
Series of 12.

By © Dominick Guillemot

“This photo is taken at Paradise Cove, Summer 2010. The shot to me represents the strength and fragility of the ocean. I am always rejuvenated and inspired after spending time in the ocean. This is my neighborhood beach and I love the depth of feeling this beach evokes.”

Dominick Guillemot is a busy fashion photographer based in Santa Monica, California. Born in Brittany, France and schooled in Paris, Dominick feels fortunate to have been brought up in an artistic family. His sisters are painters in the south of France and his mother is a renowned art historian. Dominick has two boys age 16 and 6, a wife of 18 years and is he an avid kite-surfer and yoga lover. He is always working and lately can be found photographing for his numerous clients in his sprawling and fantastic ocean view garden.


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