Lost Villages, Pictures by Neil A White

Holderness coastal erosion, UK. It is an area of the East Riding of Yorkshire, on the east coast of England. An area of rich agricultural land, Holderness was marshland until it was drained in the Middle Ages. Topographically, Holderness has more in common with the Netherlands than other parts of Yorkshire. To the north and west are the Yorkshire. Captions: Wikipedia. Photo Source: ©© IanDolphin24


The Holderness coastline, eroding faster than anywhere else in Europe, is a bleak landscape of shrinking villages and abandoned buildings. In pictures…

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Sinking England, Video, National Geographic
All may seem calm on the beautiful stretches of british coastline, but there is a battle being fought on the beaches of Britain. its a fight for survival against the mighty forces of the North Sea. Erosion of this coastline have been going on for thousands of years, but things have gotten much worst. The country is gradually tilting into the ocean. Along the coastlines of Britain, people are doing whatever they can to hold back the rising tide.