New NOAA Website Offers Tips to Prepare For Coastal Flooding

Waves striking seawall give appearance of geysers erupting. New England coast, 1938. Captions and Photo source: NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) Collection


NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey has announced a new website designed to provide vital information to help protect communities, people and property from the devastation of coastal flooding.

Coastal flooding is often the greatest threat to life and property during and after storms. Floods damage roads and bridges, destroy homes and businesses, and cause injuries and death to those in harm’s way. These floods are caused by storm surge, the rise in water level caused a severe storm’s wind, waves, and pressure. Storm surge can flood large coastal areas, reaching cities and communities miles inland.

“NOAA’s meteorologists and oceanographers observe coastal conditions and predict when storm surge may occur,” said Jesse Feyen, a storm surge expert with NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey. “This website gives people important information to help them prepare for storm surge. With this advance understanding and knowledge, people will know how to respond to coastal flooding from a storm.”

The new website is one of several that NOAA provides to promote public safety when severe weather strikes. Others include NOAA QuickLook, which provides current water levels along the coasts during severe storms including hurricanes, as well as NOAA’s all-hazards website, NOAA Watch.

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