Is Sandy a Taste of Things to Come?

Sandy Aftermath. The photo of what’s left of a large, stabilized dune in Kitty Hawk was taken during the morning, not long after high tide on Oct. 29. It was taken from the perspective of looking down the center line of N.C. 12, which is covered by sand, water and debris. Captions and Photo source: ©© NCDOT Communications


We should not be surprised.

That’s the view of many climate scientists as they survey the destruction wrought by the superstorm that ravaged the Northeast this week. The melting of Arctic ice, rising sea levels, the warming atmosphere and changes to weather patterns are a potent combination likely to produce storms and tidal surges of unprecedented intensity, according to many experts.

Recognizing the threat, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is developing a strategy for mitigating the growing risk from storm surges and flooding along the city’s 500 miles of coastline.

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Experts warn of superstorm era to come, CNN
Superstorm Sandy was no freak, say experts, but rather a hint of a coming era when millions of Americans will struggle to survive killer weather. Should New York think of its coastline as a threat? Is it the new Amsterdam? Maybe, say experts. But even a city as inventive as the Big Apple can only do so much…