Hybrid Ships Will Soon Be on the Market

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Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care


Hybrid cars have been a success. The shipping industry is now moving in the same green direction…

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Solar1 Ocean Races, Monte Carlo Cup 2014, Yacht Club Monaco (05-05-2014)
The first edition of the Solar1 Monte-Carlo Cup took place from July 10th to July 12th, 2014. Solar powered boats from all over the world were set to race in the first truly ‘green’ solar boat world championship. Developed by universities all over the world and driven by young students, this race is destined to be a future facing sport…

Worldwide Ship Traffic Up 300 Percent Since 1992, AGU (11-29-2014)

Super-sized ships: How big can they get? Independent UK (10-20-2014)
Despite the physical limits and risks, ships of more than 450m are anticipated within the next five years…

Breaking Bad on the Beach, NASA / Earth Observatory (09-28-2014)
Tens of thousands of ships ply the world’s oceans, bays, and rivers. But what happens when those ships have become too old or too expensive to operate? In most cases, they end up on the shores of Asia…literally.


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