Lebanese shun pricey, polluted beaches for trips abroad

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Beach pollution, Lebanon. Photo source: ©© Julie Davidson


In a country like Lebannon, stretching along the Mediterranean, finding a beach to relax in the summer, should not be a problem.

But as private developers have gobbled up seafront land, and families complain of ever-more polluted waters, many Lebanese say it is cheaper and cleaner to fly abroad than go to the beach at home…

Read Full Article, CTV News (09-26-2016)

A City Without a Shore: Rem Koolhaas, Dalieh and the Paving of Beirut’s Coast; (03-17-2015)
A development frenzy has wiped out the natural coastline of Lebanon, replacing it with concreted marinas and upscale resorts that are off-limits to the public. Now developers have their eye on the last bit of Beirut waterfront…


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