Climate change will likely wreck their livelihoods – but they still don’t buy the science

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Cameron, Louisiana. Photo source: ©© Eutrophication & hypoxia


The small Louisiana town of Cameron could be the first in the US to be fully submerged by rising sea levels – and yet locals, 90% of whom voted for Trump, still aren’t convinced about climate change…

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Resettling the First American Climate Refugees – Louisiana; The New York Times (05-03-2016)

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Gulf Eats Away at Coast Outside Levee-Protected New Orleans, AP (09-14-2015)
In the past century, more than 1,880 square miles of Louisiana land has turned into open water — an area nearly the size of Delaware. And the loss continues unabated, with an estimated 17 square miles disappearing on average each year…

Piling sand to stop erosion ultimately made the land sink, study says; NOLA (12-26-2015)

Lost Louisiana: The Race to Reclaim Vanished Land Back From The Sea, Guardian UK (10-15-2014)

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