Columbia Teen, NASA Partner In Mangrove Project: Report

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


An Atholoton sophomore was possibly one of the first high school students ever to speak at a conference hosted by the American Geophysical Union.

Goldberg has developed what might be the world’s first satellite-based early warning system to determine where mangroves are threatened. The work incorporates data from four satellites on mangrove growth and loss, rainfall, agriculture, and urban growth…

Read Full Article, “At age 16, A Maryland student is working with NASA on a serious project,” The Washington Post (12-31-2017)

A 16-year-old Columbia resident is helping inform scientific research around the world, Patch (01-01-2018)

Monitoring Mumbai’s Mangroves; NASA / Earth Observatory (11-30-2017)

The Human Element of Mangrove Management; USAID (12-16-2016)

Sri Lanka to become the first nation in the world to protect all its mangroves; Guardian UK (05-12-2015)
More than half the world’s mangroves have been lost over the last century but all of those surviving in Sri Lanka, one of their most important havens, are now to be protected in an unprecedented operation…

Lessons on conservation from ‘the land of eternal mangroves, Devex (06-19-2017)
Sri Lanka is working on mangrove forest protection measures that have been praised as the first of their kind in the world. And while recent heavy rains may have destroyed seedlings, they have only strengthened the determination of the government and its partners to continue their work on mangrove conservation and restoration…

Making Local People Stewards of the Earth; IPS News (09-23-2013)

Where the land meets the sea: Governing mangrove forests; Forests News (02-02-2017)
As countries ponder how to encourage mangrove conservation, the role of people, rights, and governance institutions should receive equal consideration…

“Where Land Meets the Sea: A Global Review of the Governance and Tenure Dimensions of Coastal Mangrove Forests,” Center for international forestry research; (2016)

Destruction of Mangroves Costs up to US$42 billion in Economic Damages Annually – UNEP Report (10-14-2014)
The world is losing its mangroves at a faster rate than global deforestation, the United Nations revealed, in a new report “Importance of Mangroves: A Call to Action,” adding that the destruction of the coastal habitats was costing billions in economic damages and impacting millions of lives…


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