Making Local People Stewards of the Earth

Mangrove plantation. The purpose is to reduce the risk of coastal erosion, as a protection measure for the shorelines. Photo source: © Oxfam Australia


The lack of land rights is a crisis not just for local people but for all of humanity, warned organisers at an international conference…

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UN Adopts Historic Land Grab Guidelines
Over the past few years, companies and foreign governments have been leasing large areas of land for farming and exploitation, in some of Africa’s poorest countries. All evidence points to a phenomenon of unprecedented scale, raising serious questions about the terms of the contracts that governments are signing up to…

Maasai can fight climate change, BBC News

Tanzania Takes Major Step Towards Curbing Land Grabs, Guardian UK

Human Deforestation Outweighs Climate Change for Coral Reefs, Science Daily, (Uploaded 06-05-2013)
Better land use is the key to preventing further damage to the world’s coral reefs, according to a study published in the online science journal Nature Communications

Ending the Oceans’s “Tragedy of the Commons,” Science Daily, (Uploaded 09-14-2010)
Leading international marine scientists are proposing radical changes in the governance of the world’s oceans to rescue them from overfishing, pollution and other human impacts.

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