Beachgoers Beware? 5 Pathogens That Lurk In Sand

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A beach sign, of many warnings. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Although most microbes in the sand are harmless, some are linked with disease. Here are five types of pathogens found in sand…

Read Full Article; LiveScience (06-23-2018)

MRSA: Bad Boy Bacteria, By Sharlene Pilkey (05-23-2010)
It used to be swimmers ear, (otis exterma,) and then it was swimmers itch (cercarial dermatitis) if you went to the beach, everybody got it at one time or another, but now there is a new bully bacteria hiding on supposedly pristine beaches world-wide…

Cost of recreating in polluted water estimated at $2.9 billion nationwide! SurfRiders (01-24-2018)

Sea swimming increases ailments; Science daily (02-27-2018)
People who swim, bathe or take part in water sports in the sea are substantially more likely to experience stomach bugs, ear aches and other types of illness than those who do not…

Every grain of sand is a metropolis for bacteria; Astrobiology (12-13-2017)
Between 10,000 and 100,000 microorganisms live on each single grain of sand, as revealed in a new study. Sand-dwelling bacteria play an important role in the marine ecosystem and global material cycles…

Top Beach Hazards: How to Stay Safe on the Sand; Web MD (05-25-2017)


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