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First inland South Carolina tract purchased in Cape Romain effort to save habitat as seas rise

The vast island seascape of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge just gained a first tiny foothold on what could be its future.

Study finds knowledge gaps on protecting cultural sites from climate change

Many cultural sites vulnerable to climate-related changes such as rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding from stronger storms, warn researchers.

Shifting sands: Santa Cruz, scientists, Boardwalk fighting battle against erosion

Millions of people come to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk each year to body surf, enjoy the rides or simply soak up the California sun. But few of them notice the dramatic, relentless changes in the city’s coastline that are wreaking havoc on the beloved amusement park.

Coastal Care: A 5 years Rewind: 2011 – 2016 In Numbers and Achievements

Our gratitude and thanks to the contributors who have supported Coastal Care’s journey for the past five years.
—Santa Aguila Foundation – Coastal Care

Coastal Care 2016: In Numbers and Achievements

Our deepest gratitude and thanks to our immensely talented and highly inspiring contributors of 2016.
— Santa Aguila Foundation – Coastal Care.

Morris Island lighthouse could re-attach to beach


The signature landmark of the Lowcountry coast, the Morris Island Lighthouse, fascinates in no small way because it’s stranded out to sea. But it might just come back ashore.

Boston Light still shines bright after three centuries


Lighthouses are a strong part of American history. They’ve not only lighted the path for ships and boats but also guided the way for the country’s founding.

Access eroding to embattled Kiawah spit, study says

The narrow neck to Captain Sam’s Spit is disappearing, survey work has indicated. The dunes there aren’t tall enough to withstand a tropical cyclone of any real strength. The findings could put a big hole in Kiawah Partners’ contention before regulators that the beach there is growing, and a road to its proposed development should be permitted.

Dr. Beach’s top 10 U.S. beaches for 2016


Hawaii took two of the top 10 spots in the annual rankings, but Florida had the most beaches listed with three. North Carolina, Massachusetts, California, New York and South Carolina each had one beach in the top 10.

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