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Capbreton Beach; By Sylvain Cazenave

Sylvain Cazenave

Capbreton Beach

By © Sylvain Cazenave

Sylvain Cazenave is a French pioneer of surf and waves photography. After spending the first years of his life in Africa, Sylvain moved back with his family to the west coast of France, in Biarritz, the surf mecca. As a teen he soon became a member of the French Surf Team.

Early on, photography becomes a true calling, leading him to pack his bag again, heading to Tahiti’s waves, in French Polynesia. There it is a true revelation. He decides to dedicate his life to the ocean, roaming the world in quest of the most magnificient waves. His journey will bring him to the four corners of the blue planet, from Australia, Fiji, California to Hawaii…

This photograph was taken from the water, showing Capbreton beach in the background, which is located in the south west of France.

“This photograph is one of a series, on which I sedulously worked. I shot this very picture on September 12, 2009. It was around 2:00pm, I was in Capbreton’s waters, equipped with a custom made Nikon camera, 10.5mm fish-eye lens.”