Sri Lanka Battles Sea Erosion

galle sri lanka
Galle, Southwestern coast, Sri Lanka. Photograph: © SAF


In the past, to shore up defences against sea erosion, Sri Lanka has used hard structures including rock, which disfigures beach areas and could also shift erosion to adjacent areas, by redirecting energy.

Sri Lanka’s Western Coastal areas which face strong monsoon winds have been particularly susceptible to sea erosion in the past. In many Asian nations, human activities such as destruction of mangroves for prawn culture have worsened erosion…

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“If we must nourish beaches, we should use the least damaging source areas for sand and regulations/laws to that effect are needed. In addition, there is a global sand quality problem – poor quality (gravelly, muddy, shelly sand) is being pumped up on beaches. Recognition of the biological impact of placing sand on a beach is a particularly great need as beach nourishment temporarily destroys the entire nearshore marine ecosystem affecting birds, nearshore fish, and invertebrates…”