Hawaii to Add Sand to Chronically Eroding Waikiki Beach

View of Waikiki Beach area. Photo source: ErgoSum88


A $2.3 million state project to widen a chronically eroding section of Waikiki beach with sand pumped in from offshore, will begin by the end of this month.

Waikiki naturally has a narrow beach, and people have been adding sand to the shoreline to make it wider. The earliest beach replenishment projects are believed to date to the 1920s. The first well-documented case was in 1939…

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Sea Level Rise And The World’s Beaches, by Orrin H. Pilkey

Read About Beach-Renourishement, PSDS / Coastal Care
“If we must nourish beaches, we should use the least damaging source areas for sand and regulations/laws to that effect are needed. In addition, there is a global sand quality problem – poor quality (gravelly, muddy, shelly sand) is being pumped up on beaches. Recognition of the biological impact of placing sand on a beach is a particularly great need as beach nourishment temporarily destroys the entire nearshore marine ecosystem affecting birds, nearshore fish, and invertebrates…”

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