Beach Erosion Causes 18-Foot Cliffs In Atlantic City

Beach Erosion Causes 18-Foot Cliffs In Atlantic City. Photo source: SimonTemplard/ youtube


Atlantic City, NJ officials, are blocking access to a half-mile stretch of beachfront after erosion created cliffs as high as 18 feet. It will be at least four months until the beaches will be open to the public again.

The Army Corps of Engineers pumped 280,000 cubic yards of sand after Tropical Storm Irene five months ago at a cost of $10.3 million, officials told NBC Philadelphia.

“The problem is when they build these dunes so high, it’s just like building a sand castle on the beach,” he tells KYW Newsradio. “When they are undermined, they cave in and it leaves a tremendous cliff, and the cliff is about 17 feet high — and you don’t see it, especially at night.”

The upcoming fix-up job will pump 1 million cubic yards of sand onto the shoreline throughout the affected area, and another 325,000 in Ventnor. All that sand will cost $14.1 million. If more sand is needed, the cost could bump up to $16.8 million…

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