In Patagonia, Caught Between Visions of the Future

Protesting in Santiago, Chile. Government approval of a plan for a dam in a pristine part of the country has brought thousands to the streets.Photo source: ©© VisionShare


Two competing visions of Patagonia, stirring a national debate over the future, and the soul of Patagonia itself: a $10 billion hydroelectric dam project known as HidroAysén, triggering a national outcry against what critics call the destruction of one of Chile’s most pristine ecosystems, and just within eyeshot of the proposed Dam, is the entrance to an entirely different view of Patagonia’s destiny: the 660,000-acre Patagonia National Park, which seeks to preserve the region’s grandeur by drawing tens of thousands of visitors a year…

Torres del Paine from Lake Pehoé, Torres del Paine National Park, Southern Chile. Caption and Photo source: ©© Miguel V.

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