Vast coastal erosion threatens Bali shorelines

Candidasa, eastern coast, Bali. The main attraction of Candi Dasa is a dazzling landscape of the beach, yet blighted by groins protruding into the water, intended to slowdown the erosion caused by coral blasting for years…
In the 1970s and 1980s, the area received a large amount of investment in tourism and a construction boom. To fuel the construction of beach bungalows, new homes and restaurants, the offshore reef was mined for lime to make cement and other construction materials. This removed the coastal barrier that had protected the beach which was undermined and washed away. Local hotel owners constructed a series of t-shaped groins jutting out into the water in (failing) attempt to preserve the beach… Captions: Wikipedia. Photo source: ©© Jessy Eykendorp


Bali Regional administrations face the gigantic task of tackling the continuing erosion that threatens the island’s already damaged shorelines and coastal areas…

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