Protect Our Marine Wildlife and Fisheries from Seismic Testing

Off California coast. Photo courtesy of: © PAYC


This November, PG&E plans to begin the seismic testing program required by regulators to determine whether the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant can continue to operate safely on California’s Central Coast.

Environmental reviews for this project have already found “significant and unavoidable” impacts on marine life like whales and porpoises. Previous seismic testing has even been linked to whale strandings, disorientation in marine mammals, and fish kills.

Seismic testing could also have devastating effects on our fisheries and local economies. Local fisherman will not be allowed to work in waters while they are being surveyed and the noise could threaten rockfish, a lucrative species for central coast fishermen…

Tell the California Coastal Commission to require PG&E to fully account for and minimize all threats to our marine wildlife from seismic testing.

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Protect Our Marine Wildlife and Fisheries from Seismic Testing, Sierra Club

State studies impacts of nuke plant seismic tests, AP / Washington Examiner
State wildlife officials are mulling whether to issue permits that would allow Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to conduct seismic testing near the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The California Fish and Game Commission on Monday heard testimony from scientists and others regarding the possible impacts of the large air canons used in the tests on whales and other marine life. PG&E would use the air canons in the creation of detailed maps of new shoreline fault zones discovered near the plant in 2008…

Plan Approved to Find Faults Near Diablo Canyon, California, SB Independent

Navy study: Sonar, Blasts Might Hurt More Sea Life
The U.S. Navy may hurt more dolphins and whales by using sonar and explosives in Hawaii and California under a more thorough analysis that reflects new research and covers naval activities in a wider area than previous studies.

Accoustic Pollution and Naval Sonar testing
Over the past 40 years, cumulative research across the globe has revealed a coincidence between naval sonar testing events and acute decompression sickness in beached marine mammals. Under a plan announced by the NOAA, marine mammal “hot spots” in areas including Southern California’s coastal waters, may become off limits to testing of a type of Navy sonar linked to the deaths of whales.

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PETITION: Protect Our Marine Wildlife and Fisheries from Seismic Testing, Sierra Club

Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd has contacts for Coastal Commission & other decision makers here.

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Marine Life Protection Act, Frequently Asked Questions.

Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA).Office of Protected Resources – NOAA Fisheries