Shell Presses Ahead With World’s Deepest Offshore Oil Well

“The Price Of Oil”. Photo source: ©© Tashland


Royal Dutch Shell is pressing ahead with the world’s deepest offshore oil and gas production facility by drilling almost two miles underwater in the politically sensitive Gulf of Mexico…

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Shell to develop world’s deepest offshore oil platform, Reuters
Royal Dutch/Shell said on Wednesday it will go ahead with the world’s deepest offshore oil and gas production project, pushing the boundaries of technology to produce from nearly 2 miles (3.2 km) down in the Gulf of Mexico…

Shell’s plans in Arctic at risk; call for halt to oil exploration, Guardian UK

Oil pollution in Niger Delta: Environmental Assessment of Ogoniland Report; Unep (Uploaded 08-04-2011)
A report by the UN Environment Programme, which carried out a 14-month assessment of pollution from over 50 years of oil operations in Ogoniland – Niger Delta region, has found widespread and devastating oil pollution that may require the world’s biggest ever clean-up, that could take 20-30 years. The UNEP also called for the oil industry and the Nigerian government to contribute $1 billion to a clean-up fund for the region to properly address this “tragic legacy.”

Oil Washes Ashore in Nigeria (Uploaded 01-02-2012)
Nigerian villagers and environmental groups say that oil washing up on the coast must be from the recent Royal Dutch Shell loading accident, which caused the biggest offshore spill in the country’s waters in 13 years. Shell denies that the oil is from the spill, saying its dispersal efforts prevented any of that crude from washing ashore.

Shell Acquitted of Nigeria Pollution Charges, Guardian UK (Uploaded 01-30-2013)

North Sea Oil Pollution: “Something has gone wrong here,” Shell Declared, Greenpeace (Uploaded 08-23-2011)
It’s not the most reassuring apology in the world; alongside the apology came the admission that the second leak could take weeks to fix, that the pipe that sprung the leak is more than 30 years old, and that if Shell’s risk assessment, maintenance and inspection processes had been better, the accident wouldn’t have happened in the first place…

Innocence…Photo source: ©© Aristocrat-hat. People affected in the Niger delta have come to Europe to ask for justice as multinationals dismiss their claims with impunity… Shell verdict will determine whether other firms could be tried for oil spills.Read more, Guardian UK.