Japanese Whaling Ban Urged By Australia In Highest U.N. Court

Photo source: ©© Benontherun


Japan’s annual whale hunt is a commercial slaughter of marine mammals dressed up as science, Australian lawyers argued Wednesday as they urged the United Nations’ highest court to ban the hunt in the waters around Antarctica.

Australia’s case at the International Court of Justice, supported by New Zealand, is the latest step in years of attempts by governments and environmental groups to halt the Japanese whaling fleet’s annual trips to harpoon minke and fin whales for what Tokyo argues is scientific research allowed under international law…

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Iceland Resumes Fin Whale Hunting After Two-Year Break, Guardian UK
Iceland has resumed its commercial hunting of fin whales after a two-year suspension by landing the first of an expected 180 whales in Hvalfjördur. The first kill prompted protests from environment and animal welfare groups that the hunt is cruel and unnecessary…

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