Bangladesh Pollution, Told in Colors and Smells

Water pollution. Photo source: ©© Robpatrick


Bangladesh’s garment and textile industries have contributed heavily to what experts describe as a water pollution disaster.

Environmental damage usually trails rapid industrialization in developing countries, and Bangladesh is already one of the world’s most environmentally fragile places, densely populated yet braided by river systems, with a labyrinth of low-lying wetlands leading to the Bay of Bengal…

Read Full Article, The New York Times

Toxic Threads: Polluting Paradise A story of big brands and water pollution in Indonesia, by Greenpeace (Uploaded 04-28-2013)
Greenpeace International investigations have revealed the dumping of industrial wastewater containing a cocktail of toxic and hazardous chemicals, and caustic water, directly into the Citarum River, West Java. International fashion brands are linked to this pollution…

Dirty Laundry: Greenpeace Reports on Toxic Industrial Water Pollution, by Greenpeace (Uploaded 08-26-2011)
A report released by Greenpeace International, after a year-long study research into industrial water pollution, reveals the presence of hazardous chemicals in clothing items bearing the logos of 14 global popular brands, linking many of the same clothing brands to suppliers in China who were found to be releasing daily cocktail of chemicals into the Pearl River and Yangtze River deltas, discharging into the China Sea…

The Coming Storm, Bangladesh, National Geographic (Uploaded 05-11-2011)

Sinking Sundarbans, A Photo Gallery, Guardian UK (Uploaded 11-23-2010)

The importance of involving children who are the next generation in Bangladesh in their human chain, to create awareness about the pollution of the rivers. Photo source: ©© BAPA / International Rivers

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