People on Coastline Suffering Due to Sand Mining, India

Lorry, sand and bricks. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Photo source: ©© Swamysk
Tamil Nadu is one of the 28 states of India. It lies on the the southernmost part of the Indian Peninsula, and is bound by the by the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Gulf of Mannar, the Palk Strait in the south east, and by the Indian Ocean in the south. Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is its capital. Wikipedia

WATCH: “People on Coastline suffering due to Sand Mining”
A Youtube Video Uploaded by NEWS X LIVE, On August 17th, 2013


Down south the Beach Sand Mining activities in Tamil Nadu, are not only destroying the environment but also creating health issues for the people living on the coast line. Newsx correspondent Srikumar uncovers the health hazards people are subjected to…