West African Communities Rally Against Monster Boats

August, 2012. “As the super trawler Margiris steams towards Australia’s shores, a series of concerns have been raised. One is the impact on marine life, like dolphins and seals, that invariably are caught in the vessel’s enormous nets. These pix were taken by researchers on board Dutch super trawlers while conducting peer-reviewed studies.” Captions and Photo source: © Greenpeace


Just one week after Chilean fishermen and Greenpeace vigorously protested against the Margiris mega trawler, Mauritanian fishermen and fishing communities in West Africa are also raising their voices against monster boats in their own waters.

In a statement sent out in Nouakchott, Mauritania, local fishermen called on West African governments to no longer allow mega trawlers into their fisheries because of the profound impact they have on fishstocks, and local livelihoods as a result…

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