Surf Hampers Attempt To Stop Oahu Beach Erosion

Waialua beachfront, Oahu. “Sandbagging is pretty much an exercise in futility. The only benefit is psychological, the feeling of doing something…” Captions and Photo source: ©© Davidd


Large waves pushed sand onto Oahu’s Sunset Beach on Sunday and Monday, but the temporary break from erosion brought little relief to residents living perilously close to the edge of a 20-foot cliff inching closer to their homes…

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Scientists Urge Shoreline Retreat From Hawaii’s Eroding Beaches, EE News
Sea-level rise is a significant factor in the major shoreline change underway in Hawaii, where 52 to 72 percent of beaches on the chain of islands have eroded over the past century…

Attempts To Deal With Erosion at Kailua Beach, Hawaii, KHON2
Beaches are part of what makes Hawaii paradise. But due to erosion, people on this island are slowly losing some of Oahu greatest assets…

Waikiki Beach Eroding Less Than A Year After $2.2M Sand Restoration, Pacific Business News (Uploaded 01-24-2013)

Puuikibeach beach, Oahu. “These people just paid a million dollars for this ocean front lot…” Captions and Photo source: ©© Davidd

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