As Small Hydropower Expands, So Does Caution on Its Impacts

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Small hydropower projects have the potential to bring electricity to millions of people now living off the grid.

But experts warn that planners must carefully consider the cumulative effects of constructing too many small dams in a single watershed…

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What Is A Large Dam? Questions and Answers About Large Dams by International Rivers
A large dam is defined by the dam industry as one higher than 15 metres (taller than a four-story building). There are more than 40,000 large dams worldwide. There are more than 300 major dams – giants which meet one of a number of criteria on height (at least 150 metres), dam volume and reservoir volume…

Small Dams On Chinese River Harm Environment More Than Expected, study finds; NSF (05-30-2013)
A fresh look at the environmental impacts of dams on an ecologically diverse and partially protected river in China found that small dams can pose a greater threat to ecosystems and natural landscapes than large dams…

Dams: What They Are and What They Do, International Rivers
Excerpted from Chapter 1 of Patrick McCully’s book: “Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams”