Gabon Announces World’s Newest Underwater Reserve, Rich in Threatened Wildlife

“The land of surfing hippos,” Petit Loango’s shoreline, Gabon. Image source: The Legendary Surfing Hippos, A Discovery News Video.


The central African nation of Gabon recently declared almost a quarter of its territorial sea off-limits to commercial fishing, creating a first-of-its-kind network of marine protected areas in the region, which is home to threatened species including great hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and whale sharks…

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Gabon: Surfing hippos, lacking tourists, BBC News (02-07-2012)
A decade ago Gabon set aside 10% of its land for national parks, to boost its economy by becoming Africa’s magnet for eco-tourists, and some, hoping that tourism can help Gabon reduce its long reliance on oil…