Florida Isn’t the Only State to ‘Ban’ Climate Change

Savoie Sand Levee, Rock Levee, Ocean, Beach and Oil Rigs, Port Fourchon, Louisiana. “The rate of sea-level rise in the 20th century, from the Florida panhandle to east Texas, has been five times higher compared to the pre-industrial millennium as a result of human-induced climate change.”(Törnqvist.) Photo source: ©© New Orleans Lady


The Sunshine State isn’t the only U.S. state that has attempted to “outlaw” climate science.

North Carolina, Louisiana and Tennessee have all passed laws that attempt to cast doubt on established climate science in boardrooms and classrooms…

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Can Florida Prepare for Climate Change Without Saying the Words?, CS Monitor (03-09-2015)
In Florida, climate change is the global phenomenon that must not be named. Since 2011, the state Department of Environmental Protection employees have been banned from using that term as well as “global warming” and “sustainability” in their work, according to a new report.

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