Can Florida Prepare for Climate Change Without Saying the Words?

Beach Erosion, New Smyrna Beach, south of Daytona, Florida. Photo source: ©© Tracy Lee Caroll


In Florida, climate change is the global phenomenon that must not be named.

Since 2011, the state Department of Environmental Protection employees have been banned from using that term as well as “global warming” and “sustainability” in their work, according to a new report…

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In Florida, officials ban term ‘climate change’, Miami Herald
The state of Florida is the region most susceptible to the effects of global warming in this country, according to scientists. Sea-level rise alone threatens 30 percent of the state’s beaches over the next 85 years.But you would not know that by talking to officials at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the state agency on the front lines of studying and planning for these changes…

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