Sixty-Seven Years of Oil and Gas Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care


Deepwater drilling is increasing in the Gulf. Oil companies say it’s safer now, but critics say spills are inevitable…

View Interactive Map and Read Full Article, National Geographic

Secrecy Shrouds Decade-Old Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico, ABC News
An Associated Press investigation has revealed evidence that an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico — that has gone largely unnoticed, despite creating miles-long slicks for more than a decade — is far worse than what has been publicly reported…

Federal records show steady stream of oil spills in gulf since 1964, Washington Post (07-24-2010)
The oil and gas industry’s offshore safety and environmental record in the Gulf of Mexico has become a key point of debate over future drilling, but that record has been far worse than is commonly portrayed by many industry leaders and lawmakers…