This Sinking Isle: The Homeowners Battling Coastal Erosion

Severe coastal erosion and falling houses, Happisburgh, England. Photo source: ©© Martin


As sea levels rise, thousands of people on the coast of Britain have been forced to move inland.

British Isles are more edge than middle. Britain’s coastline is longer than India’s and more than 15 million citizens live by the sea.

The defence of the realm is getting harder and the people who live along its coastlines are divided between those whose ambition is to hold back the sea and others who insist the government must step in and help people retreat…

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House Price Fears Over Plans to End Coastal Erosion Defense, UK, BBC News (11-18-2014)
Thousands of people living on the coast of Wales, could see the value of their homes fall as the Welsh government agrees to stop defending some properties from the sea…

Sinking England, A National Geographic Video (11-25-2011)
All may seem calm on the beautiful stretches of british coastline, but there is a battle being fought on the beaches of Britain. It is a fight for survival against the mighty forces of the North Sea. Erosion of this coastline have been going on for thousands of years, but things have gotten much worst. The country is gradually tilting into the ocean.

Threaten houses all along severely eroded coastline, Happisburgh, England. Photo source: ©© Martin