A French beach cleared of homes shows NC the way; By Orrin H. Pilkey

La Faute sur Mer’s former mayor (left) and Vendée’s senator (right) in front of an aerial view of the 2 inundated towns of L’Aiguillon and La Faute sur Mer, Vendée, France. In April 2016, overturning a previous 4 years jail sentence, the former mayor has been handed in appeal, a two-year suspended sentence in connection with the deaths of 29 people during Storm Xynthia in 2010. Captions: Coastal Care. Photo source: © Sénat


Surprising to me, the French are ahead of the United States, and particularly ahead of North Carolina’s policies on preparation for the rising sea’s impact.

The problems of the French coast are much like the problems of the Carolinas…

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